Left for Dead Korea (part 1)

I don’t know if you ever had a thought that later comes true? Like you are seeing something happen before it happens! I was the second person through a GREEN light on my motorcycle on my way up to teach ESL class at Woo Song University in Daejeon  South Korea. I stress second person and green light because a week before at this same intersection I had a “look into the future moment” – a prescient warning if you will – of a motorcycle being hit! I was being careful!

English: "Hagwon Row" in Dunsan-dong...
English: “Hagwon Row” Daejeon, South Korea

The screech of brakes as I look to my right only to see a flat front Mac Semi bearing down on my tiny motorcycle and me! I had about two seconds to realize that I needed to grab the grill or go under with my motorcycle. I looked up and saw  two people looking in horror at this “Mee-Gook-Saram” as he goes under their semi! MeeGookSaram – loosely translated “Stupid American”! They thought they could run the red light because the cars were far apart.

I grab with my right hand as my motorcycle goes under and my left hand and  arm are sucked under the front passengers side tire – crunch! My bike spits out the back of the semi – mangled. My hand comes out at a right angle to my arm as I drag myself out from under the semi. My ability to speak Korean is knocked out of me and yet a small old Korean lady hobbles out of her home to hand me 2 aspirin and says in broken English ” Bayer Aspirin, berry good” I smile and thank her. I still can not speak Korean! The shock of the accident has left me Korean speechless . The internet shop owner I know grabs me and says in Korean ” 119  (911 Korean style) too slow – I drive. Thankfully, I still understand Korean.  We rush off in his van to where the real pain begins!

Nine broken bones, one torn groin, multiple lacerations (yes, I was wearing a helmet) and I seriously want some morphine! I still can not speak Korean but get the most beautiful Korean nurse with a huge syringe! Humor and pain combine because remember your mom always told you to wear clean underwear!

One of the first advertisements for Bayer Aspi...
Bayer Berry Good!

8 thoughts on “Left for Dead Korea (part 1)

  1. Oh my goodness! That sounds frightening! Driving in other countries can be perilous, particularly on motorbikes. No one seems to like to follow the rules… In Taiwan people were always getting hit on scooters. Some of my friends had accidents, too, but none were hurt as badly as you! What is the medical system like there? Glad you’re okay today!

    1. Answers to all of those questions in Part 2! haha – but seriously I would have been safer on a bus – or in a Taxi – or…The medical system is awesome – it incorporates both traditional and western medicine – I will put out Part 2 tomorrow and hopefully you will laugh – and understand! Thanks for reading Jessica!

  2. Hello Hoss…Thanks for sharing your “NOT SO HAPPY” adventure with all of us in “Internet-Land”. I have been in two horrible car crashes myself, neither one I wish to recall. For some unknown reason, I was left without a scratch, that’s the good news. The bad news is, that I totaled two cars. (I would not have fared so well had I been on a bike.) I am very glad you are still here, because many of us enjoy your stories. (Looking forward to part two!).

  3. I’m waiting for the funny part. The aspirin part was actually pretty funny though. It’s weird how that stuff happens in an instant and your brain slows it down so it’s like slow motion when you recall it.

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