Montana, Lodge Grass – Crow Rez

2012-12-30_14-38-32_484Hoss Lors – Lodge Grass, Montana

Jimmy Venman and I came to Montana back in 1987. I have dreamed of living in a few different places and Montana was number one on my list. I am transient so settling down is hard and I traveled all over the world before finding my way back to Montana.

Lodge Grass is on the Crow Reservation – the Crow  seem reserved and closed compared to the Navajo. I spent 11 years on the Navajo Reservation.

Enough about me – questions ? – ask –

Mojo:  – I found Mojo online (Craigslist) and drove 427 miles over to Missoula to get him. He was “a sweet old lab” trapped in a laundry room of a crack house. His eyes were glazed but soft and I knew that a bath, glucosamine, and love would bring him around! He is eight years old and while grey in the muzzle – he looks like me!

Old Iron – the point of order! Again what is it about Craigslist? I was looking for another Toyota FJ40 when I found a Jeep! Careful what ya wish for – a few months earlier, I found myself thinking about all the great times I had when I was a kid in my dad’s 1973 blue Jeep CJ5 with a 304 V8, headers, and Cherry Bomb exhaust. I called this guy in Helena who had a “interesting” Jeep. I lowballed him after I realized he had no idea how this beast was built. He jumped – I was gonna nail him for $500 less but when I drove/saw the beast – I knew it was a good buy! 1969 Jeep CJ5 – red! Again, being an idiot I drove it 330 miles home with the tires aired down and going about 50 mph! Yep, the Montana freeways are 75 mph + they loved me! Tons of work – tons of work to go – but it is tough!


Way out on the ranch - 4wheelin
Way out on the ranch – 4wheelin

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  1. “I am transient so settleing down is hard…”

    *settling* haha. couldn’t resist. 😉

    don’t know how i missed the story about mojo. i love it. and i think you need to update and tell us now about the truck… much love to you, dear friend.

  2. Love the transient comment, I was just in Montana the past few days after listening to Johnny Cash’s ‘Jackson’ and jumping in my rig for a 11 hour drive to the Grand Teton and up through Yellowstone. Truly a slice of heaven…and did fall in love in Montana. Have enjoyed your blog, what a great journey you are on!

      1. Beautiful offer, and I will be back in Montana at some point (perhaps next year), and would love to meet up. Same offer applies if you’re in HK 🙂 Cheers!

  3. oldironhoss? YOU ARE SO FRICKEN REFRESHING! You are like a long cool drink of water on a hot Texas Summer day. I cannot wait to listen to you on Coast.

    Words cannot truly articulate your varied experiences oldironhoss, (I know this because there are some things that words just cannot describe) but they fill my imagination fully and longingly, knowing and relating to how deeply experiences like yours nurture the spirit. I grew up having all kinds of primitive experiences and at 56 years old, I miss those days horribly. Especially since I have been diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer and given a short time to live… AS IF! I find myself waxing nostalgically.

    When I do die, I will be buried GREEN on a family cemetery out in Elmendorff, Texas. I have also lived off the land as an adult a few times over and hated having to move back to society.

    You and your work has appeared in my life at a time (NOW) when your writing and work refreshes and cures like medicine for a dying soul. I have bookmarked your site and please count me as one of your most avid fans. I cannot thank my lucky stars enough for having come across your site.

    THANK YOU OLDIRONHOSS! THANK YOU for reminding me of who I am.

      1. Smiling so big here…, YOU are YOU with no pretension. You are not trying to impress anyone. That is why I am so impressed. SO VERY IMPRESSED! I love the way you express who you are while BEING who you are. I hope you will forever keep this quality. YOU ARE AUTHENTIC!

      2. Just me – good thing you are smiling!
        So, I would like to know two things –
        about you – cancer and living off the land?
        and what part of my writing inspires you?
        I am fascinated with stories and people –

  4. Absolute Proof for an Alien Presence for skeptic friends
    Tell them to simply place the following bumper sticker on their car…


    Then take a relaxing country drive. Since ET does not exist you have nothing to fear, right? Bring a camera. I guarantee your new YouTube Video will be called FAKE or mysteriously disappear & replaced with a Hollywood Hack Job. Your camera confiscated, death threats made, hard drive erased by Visitors in pseudo military garb.

    “Houston we have a problem.”

  5. There are several things I love about your writing. One is that it is telling stories that allow the reader to imagine the details in their own minds without you planting the scenario. I suspect you are very accepting and nonjudgmental by the way you write and you allow/trust people to somehow KNOW the ambiance of the story being told. AND MOST PEOPLE DO KNOW! Everyone has a reference point to places, people, things and they have ideas in their minds of what these things mean to them. For example, when I was reading about your experiences of your land and home being healed…, I have had similar experiences — having had to clear dark energy out of the house and property. As I was reading your story, my mind was free to remember my own experience as if I was there again while still relating to your experience. You did not go way out to describe the trees, the house, the people, Etc., which let me FEEL your story with my reference points.

    I have a hard time with lyrics as well. Lyrics tell me what the music is saying instead of letting the music tell me what it is saying. Your writing makes me feel like you would accept me no matter where I find myself or what I am or who I have become.

    Another thing I love about your writing is the way YOU USE YOUR WORDS! USING OUR WORDS is a big thing in my extremely large family of brothers, sister cousins, aunts, uncles nieces, nephews, grandchildren, et. al . It is not uncommon to hear family members saying “use YOUR words!” It brings out individual uniqueness and creativity.

    Most writers today feel the need to articulate in a haughty manner. YOU DON’T! Most people write where every word is so apropos and critical to being correct which makes me ill to read. IT lacks character. YOUR writing is full of character. I believe in writing like I talk. hahaha…. Do people who write haughty talk that way as well? I have known too many that do. IT IS BORING BORING BORING. Your writing is NOT pretending to make you something you are not. You are not using BIG words to make you a better writer nor to make you a better storyteller. Your stories tell themselves through you.

    In one of your posts you used the word “oft.” How neat is that?

    To sum it up, you are real. I do not know how else to say it. You come across as a real person. You are who you are and you let the world decide if they like that or not. I suspect you are well liked because of it. I suspect you talk like you write and I suspect you are a very well received by people and animals. I may be wrong but I doubt it.

    As far as me and my experiences are concerned oldironhoss, I have lived a full adventurous, crazy, twisting and turning life. In fact, your site and your writing has inspired me to start thinking about putting some of my own experiences on a web site but I wonder who would believe my stories if I did.

    My cancer is lung cancer and I am in stage four. The mass is located in my right lung mostly and has not gone anywhere else except into my left lung in a small spot which categorizes it as Stage 4. In fact, back in 2009, the nodule was found but two tries at a biopsy was futile and no tissue could be harvested for pathology so they wrote it off to scar tissue. Four years later, that one inch nodule has turned into a massive mass that is causing compression fractures of my ribs on my right side lung area which then wrap nerves around the bones which is extremely painful. I am doing alternative treatment opting out of chemo. I am doing so well that my doctors finally broke down and asked me what in the world I was doing. I do not have to see them for another five weeks. HOO RAY!

    Currently I am desperately trying to obtain HEMP OIL which has been proved by more than 34 Peer Reviewed Medical Studies to cure cancer. CURE CANCER not sedate it. I live in Texas which is a marijuana non legal State so it has been tough trying to get this stuff. But I will get it and I will save my own life. BTW it hurts so badly to type. Just so you know. I have to take breaks when I type to deal with the pain because it shoots down into my right arm to the elbow.

    There you go oldironhoss. I guess I wrote a story of my own huh?

    1. Thank you so much for sharing – I do not understand why something that will help many is misunderstood by the controlling and misinterpreted for the masses – Hemp is a miracle that is not utilized – I respect your non-chemo way – respect and salute!

      You are right, I would not judge anyone – I am accepting and yep…animals love me.

      Bit freaked out right now – burned cedar – but in the midst of the interview everything went out – now wolves are outside and they never come this close in –
      I hope you take time to write your life-story – I wish I could come and hear it –

      1. I did not want to mention your strange blackout Hoss. I am very concerned for you and your wife right now. I kind of felt it was going to happen. The topic matter is very volatile. Please, PLEASE keep us posted on this.

    2. GalaxyGirl I am sorry to hear of your illness, I also salute your resolution to not use chemotherapy, a very brave choice, one I hope I would never have to make. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason and good minds are connected when they need to be. I never offer medical advice however I just read a FB post yesterday and then I heard Hoss on C2C (good job Hoss). What I read on FB is this concerning “Dandelion Root” to help with cancer, to include “lung cancer,” and some “claim” cure. I only offer it for your perusal …
      Here is also the FaceBook post just search it for the dandelion root article. I always read posters “comments,” as this can lead to many other sources of god, and of course not so good. info. “I wish you the best along your road, It has been good to pass along your way”.

      1. Dino, OMG, can it be? I do not believe in coincidences either.

        For the first time ever, when I was praying for Hoss and his wife’s safety last night when he blinked out and things went crazy — I asked God if he would please heal me or provide me with a cure. While I was at it, something moved my heart to ask for Healing from God. This is the first time I have asked for this. (Smiling big here— Hoss has been able to rekindle my interest in living life freely,openly and honestly albeit wildly.) I had just been going along with life thinking that after having had some NDE’s, dying was also an adventure and nothing to be feared. Although I do not fear dying, I NOW WANT TO LIVE! Along with having two new grandchildren, and reading Hoss’ adventures, remembering my own, my heart sank thinking my time might be up. There is still so much life to be lived yet. I WANT TO LIVE!

        Then I fell asleep. I wake up after sleeping through a wonderful morning thunder storm, I am having my coffee and I decide to check in on whether the wolves got Hoss and his wife. When I do check in on Hoss on this web site: I GET YOUR MOST UPLIFTING MESSAGE DINO! Plus THANK GOD HOSS and his wife are okay!

        Dino! The thing is I had a dream a few months ago where I was being told that HEMP OIL is NOT for me and that there is a root that is better for me than Hemp oil would be and easier to obtain. I was so upset. HEMP OIL was my ace in the hole, my last hope, Etc.

        My daughter and I discussed it and I cried in private about that mean old nasty dream, deciding it was best for me to just sit and wait to see what happens. Then I had a dream that informed me that THINGS HAPPEN IN THEIR own time. So I just got back to being my old happy self again.

        IT is NOT a coincidence to me that: 1. I prayed FOR THE FIRST TIME, for a remedy just hours before your post; 2. I fell asleep trusting that things happen when it is time; 3. I wake up to read your post; and 4. My dreams prepared me for this moment months ago.

        Dino, you have been an instrument of GOOD! My most prevalent, prominent feeling right now is that I am loved by a gracious and loving GOD who listens to prayers. This feeling of gratitude is one of my most coveted feelings that I seek after regularly. THANK YOU GOD FOR DINO!

      2. Now that I am here, Dino!!!! I have ordered my ginger root and seeds. They are on their way to me. I love what my research brought up and I have been so happy since you gave this link. I cannot thank you enough.

      1. OMG it is amazing how much I can relate to what you have been through. I know there are a lot of people out there that have had experiences but some are just not experienced by just everyone.

        I loved the interview! The thing is — IT was too short.

      2. Thanks – I needed to hear that – I wondered if I conveyed my story well –
        Stories are better in person – so radio is a struggle for me – but all good if you enjoyed it! Thanks!

    1. me neither. a pleasant surprise to hear you on c to c last night. i thought you sounded like a teenager–sort of. very amusing and very smart.



  6. The interview was awesome. When you blinked out, the callers were not able to talk to you and I could tell they were disappointed. You do talk like you write. I do not care for the next guest on Coast. I do not — oh what I think about her does not matter. I just stopped listening after your interview was over.

      1. Be careful dude. Reality doesn’t seem to be the REALITY many of us were raised to believe.

        I sleep outside for about half the year hear in N. California. I have about a week of good weather left this year before I’m driven inside by the cold and rain. I listen to Coast virtually every night. Caught your interview last night. I’ve never had such an active night. Active in a weird night kind of way. Strange noises like people were very active. Doing what, I don’t know. Loud strange sounds. I live in the country, not town. Got woke up this morning by the helicopters going to Mt. Shasta from the Redding area (south).
        When I came in my wife said she woke up hearing a loud buzzing noise coming from the corner of our house. I couldn’t hear it. She did not listen to Coast so she was oblivious to your experiences.

        Both of us love to explore. There are many strange areas in this area. Especially in the Dunsmuir/ Mt. Shasta area. We need to guard from being too curious. I’m sure you understand or at least it sounds as if you do. Just be careful, You sound like a nice guy just trying to tell the truth. I’m no expert but it seems to me that the more you (or me) contemplate these strange things the more they manifest. Does the term Aluna Warrior mean anything to you?

      2. Thanks for listening last night…my night was pretty active too…I am very careful and respectful of those things that we can not see…that is why I moved off the Navajo Rez … it took me a long time to decide to write this book but hope it helps people understand. Thanks for the concern…Alumna = no but I will look it up

  7. It’s Aluna (not Alumna) Warrior. You’ll probably consider yourself one as I do.

    I haven’t had a chance to look over your website yet. Just heard your conversation last night and came to take a look and saw this blog. what’s your name? Do you just go by Hoss? In any case I’ll read and likely have more to post. Much Native American history where I live as well as the things associated with Mt. Shasta. I have plenty of interesting stories to tell. This may be the place to tell some. I always felt that talking about them would just come across as some wacko with delusions. At least until I heard what you’ve been through.

    Stay in the light bro. Everyone knows what’s good and what’s evil. Understand it but stay away from the evil. If you choose to do battle expose it but expect the unexpected. I doubt I need to tell you that.

    How does your family handle this stuff?

    1. Hey Hoss
      You talked of two Indians outside your property that were casting some kinda spell. It sounded like you thought these two shape shifted into some sort of demon entity. Did you recognize or know the two Indians?

  8. Hoss, I am watching a YouTube Video named UFO: Miracle of the Unknown. I wonder what the ET presence on this planet is really about! I have never watched a video that presents the subject matter in this manner. It has me perplexed and wishing to know the TRUTH!

    Wanna see?

    1. Galaxy Girl
      I’m gonna pass on my take and it’s based on experience. Many of them. ET means little grey men from outer space to many. Like another civilization that evolved somewhere else and has the ability to visit us. Hoss is right in calling these entities Shape Shifters. They are all really the same thing but can become whatever the need to be to interest us. Be real careful what you wish for when being curious about these entities and events. I’m not telling you this to be a “no it all” but more as a warning.

      Please consider this. These Shape Shifters can and do come as whatever they choose. They are nothing new. It is just ramping up as time moves on.

      1. jim

        are you saying that the presence of a shape shifter precludes the existence of an entity from another place in time and space?

        how does science figure into all of this? in the sense of atoms and molecules. the space between them all?

        you can call me axiando or wardfour i haven’t decided yet as to which moniker i want to use yet.


      2. Thank you Jim and I agree. Warning taken seriously. I will never summon trouble. Especially of this kind of which we speak.

        Nevertheless, I have had so many experiences that I lost fear in the midst of it all. I was surprised to learn that there is something deep within me (I think maybe in all of us?) that can claim and demand dominion. Something about conjuring up inner power happened to me back in 2005 and I was fed up with stuff going on and I took my stand. This energy felt very similar to adrenalin. IT WORKED and has only gotten stronger over the years. It is like KNOWING that we have a PLACE here and not being willing to just give it up and taking our stands against giving it up. I call this power Sovereign Energy. I think we come into this world born with it and can only find it through trials and tribulations of the 4th and 5th kind.

        I can honestly say that I have very little if any fear since then. I actually began working on fears back in 1990. This work culminated in 2005 with the above mentioned experience and many since then. The only thing I truly fear is lightning.

        One thing that has always intrigued me is how people who talk about Satan and his followers always give him as much Power as God has. I smile when this happens because I tend to think in terms of GOD having created Satan and not the other way around and that Satan/Evil cannot stand in the light.

        Oh well enough said. You can see I do draw conclusions huh. Jim, thank you and I do heed your warning.

      3. Axiando

        Nope. Shapeshifters are from another place. They can manifest in any form needed. Their entry portal starts in your mind. Once opened they can take any shape needed. Science as we know it doesn’t figure in at all except to confuse. That may not sound logical because we sometimes depend on others to explain what is reality. Deception is far reaching in this realm. Some on purpose and some by influence of the other side. There is a battle going on and one side has tools that we don’t. Hoss may or may not want to comment on that. He’s seen it first hand.

        I fully expect some on this blog to take exception to what I’m saying. It comes with the territory. I’m just trying to warn those that are on the fence with this stuff and are curious. Just heed this warning. Entry is through your conscious. You control it. I hope Hoss is invited back on Coast. I believe he has much more to say than time permitted.

        Best to you Axiando. I’m not here to argue or be mister know it all. I’d also warn you if I saw you about to walk across a freeway with your eyes closed. I hope you take it in the spirit intended.

        If you’re the investigative type look into SRI and JPL. I lived it. All in the name of science. Don’t look to traditional science to explain it. Think about this all in a different way.

  9. Hoss? Did you get the video link? IT IS a very long one. Check your spam folder if it is not in your inbox okay?

  10. I heard your tales of Skin Walkers (et al.) the other night , as broadcast on KFI ( a Los Angeles-based AM station) . It’s too bad that I couldn’t hear the entire programme ; I had to go to bed at 2330 HRS .

    I have a ‘Shape Shifter’ tale of my own ! Please bare with me as I recount the incident as it happened in Sept 1986 …
    On a typical late Summer / early Autumn evening , I left my home to go on a bike ride , and to see if one of my friends was home . The temperature was around 80-85 degrees ; the time was around 1830-1900 HRS .
    I easily made the ~2 mile ride to the base of the street which accessed the residential areas of the Whittier hills . The paved street was steep ; and while I’d made that climb on numerous occasions , it was a particularly strenuous journey on this Sept night (btw , the bike I’m referencing is my one-time GT BMX bike ; no “optional gearing”).

    I started to feel some “cool spots” as I was riding-up the cement-paved street . As I continued , these “cool” spots were growing quite cold ; the proverbial “cold spot” (!!) . Undeterred , I pedalled ahead , all the while the cold spots were gaining frequency . So cold that I could see my breath !

    As I rounded the final corner where my friend’s house was , a super bright light appeared . I thought that it was a vehicle with its high-beams on (VERY dark in those hills !) , so I stopped pedalling , and waited for the ‘vehicle’ to pass …
    At that moment , I heard some shuffling and ‘chorting’ in the yard to my left (due-west) ; and before I thought , Probably just a horse , whatever it was jumped-up , six feet straight-up , and landed on the street in front of me ! It was positively HUGE ! All that I could make out of its shape was that it was a bigger-then-life horse ; and as I noticed steam (water vapours) emanating from its nostrils , it let-out a high-pitched “scream” , and ran up the cactus-covered 90 degree hill to my right (due-east) .

    I couldn’t get away from that terrifying area fast enough ! I believe that I made it home in one minute !
    When I got home , I was soaked in perspiration ; I couldn’t even form a word !

    Other than my parents , I told no one of this for years.
    Then , in 1993 , I met a Native brother (whose tribal-lineage I have forgotten) at the coffeehouse I frequented . I got to talking to him during an “open mic” (i.e. , poetry reading and whatnot) , when he recognised the traditional Swastika I’d drawn on my poem’s backside ( I’m all about revitilising the Swastika and its ORIGINAL symbolism !). He was hip to the Swastika , so we struck up a conversation with it as the opening topic.
    During the course of our Swastika conversation , I’d mentioned the “demonic thing” I’d encountered in the Whittier hills . He told me the tale of the “Skin Walker” , and that that’s *exactly* what I’d seen ! He’d made mention of it being the harbinger of the Autumn season . furthermore , he told me that the “walker” screamed because I witnessed it ! It was afraid of me (!?!).

    I apologise for the long-winded nature of my message . I hope that you’ve found something of interest herein .

    Thanks !
    -John Shoe

    1. Awesome story – I believe you had your own encounter with a skinwalker – Thanks for the great story! Not long winded at all – very descriptive. I too am fascinated by the reverse swastika or Whirling timbers as the Navajo call them – I know where a Navajo Rug with whirling timbers – need to save up my pennies!

  11. Hoss, I have been patiently waiting and waiting to get your book. I have to wait until THIS Thursday when I can withdraw money from my trust again and it is MINE, MINE, MINE! hahahaha If it were not for hospital and medicine bills I could have had it already. This wait has tested me and I am happy it is almost over. I SO LOOK forward to reading YOUR book. HOO RAY!


  13. to Jim

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am interested in finding others who truly understand –thus the nature of my questioning. I need to learn more. And I appreciate your thoughts.

    I have lived experiences that when told to many are considered unbelievable. I thin i am at the stage now where writing is going to be the best avenue of expression–bar astral projectioning–a term i am just now coining as the process of observation and communication.

    There are some things I am starting to remember–or recall rather–that are a bit unsettling.

    By SRI do you mean Ravenswood?



    1. SRI is Stanford Research Inst. Google it with the years 1971-1975 in mind. Do your DD on those involved. Not those being tested but those doing the testing. Look at JPL and Jack Parsons too. While looking, try to focus on where these guys came from. Their background and motivation. Forget the stated motivation. Just look at the facts. I had nothing to do with JPL but the background links might just help you understand this stuff and why it went on. You’ll go down a “Rabbit Hole” with this, believe me. SRI I do know about.

      I know the experience of living the unbelievable. I looked to deep for some while living it. What is it that you are trying to learn? Not sure what astral projection has to do with understanding this subject. AP is a product of it not a way to understand it. At least that’s my experience. SRI was all about Remote Viewing which is Astral Projection. You may find the truth about what’s at a particular location but not why or how you’re able to do so.

  14. jim

    Ravesnwood is the street the particular SRI building is located at in Menlo Park. I worked there occasionally. 189-1995.

    Jack Parsons. JPL. Antoine LeVey. L. Ron Hubbard. Robert Heinlein. The Order of the Golden Dawn. The list goes on.


    1. Hey Ax
      It was 1972 -73 for me. They got me a job at Sharron Heights Country Club near the Page Mill exit on Sand Hill Rd. The dudes you mentioned (Parsons etc) were the mentors for Puthoff and Targ who ran things then. You may have heard all the CIA/military tales from those days.

      What was going on there in the 90’s. Ingo Swann and the official funding was suppose to have been gone by then. The main guy they looked to was Aleister Crowley. LeVey followed him. So did the rest of em. All via Hubbard. I have some pretty weird stories about SRI. Did they still use that lead walled room on the Stanford campus when you were there?

      Why were you there? Why did you leave? Back in the 70’s they used Science Fairs to find test subjects along with the military and the psychic kids they brought in from outside the US.


  15. There are stories best told over a few in a far away place.
    Are you familiar with The Cypress Institute?

    I am thinking that we will have enlightening conversations.



  16. These days my specialty is restoring analog video to digital format. One of my “recent” projects involved hundreds of hours of classroom and private sessions footage from The Cypress Institute. There is a thread of interest here but, as usual and for the best, is not explainable in this forum.

    I lived in Palo Alto off the El Camino near Alfinitos’ and The All American Food Store in the mid-90’s.

    Fixing things.

    More later



    My laptop Windows 7 died. Am running it now under Linux.

    1. I was up there in the early 70’s. Lived in San Jose. Went to San Jose State. I was doing some things they found interesting so they got me a job a Sharron Heights Golf Club by the 101/Page Mill exit. I use to head over to the El Camino and up to SRI several times a week from work. Was the Cypress Inst. somehow associated with SRI? I never heard of it. Did you ever see video of the lead lined room on the Stanford campus? If so, is there video of a kid about 14 yrs old from Europe? How about Uri Geller? He was also tested in that room.

    1. Ax

      Here’s a quote from an article and the URL it came from. You might find it interesting. This is the room I mentioned.

      “Just to give you an idea of how tight the testing at Stanford was, one of the tests placed Mr. Geller in a sealed steel room, which was also a Faraday cage (a room where electromagnetic fields, such as radio waves and even brain waves or thoughts, could not pass through the walls). He was sealed in physically as well as energywise. The Stanford researchers placed outside the test chamber a sealed, hand-blown glass tube that was twisted on each end so that it could not be opened without breaking it. Inside it was a piece of the hardest metal known to man. Then they told Mr. Geller to bend it. With all their scientific instruments recording the test, Stanford scientists watched in total amazement as the piece of superhard metal bent as if it were Jell-O. Mr. Geller could in no way have cheated.”

      “What is so impressive is that besides Mr. Geller, there were about 15 children from Europe who could also do these things, and they were tested along with him. Everything that Stanford did to test Mr. Geller they also did with the children, and these kids could do everything he could do. So if this was a trick, then 15 children were also ”advanced magicians,” and Stanford Research Institute, with all their scientific magic, could not detect fraud.”

      1. there was a young girl once at the main library palo alto. this was in 1993 i think. i am to this day convinced that she was/is an indigo child. an alarming and frightening experience for me.


  17. so at present i am in costa rica. recuperating from a devastating injury suffered at a soccer game. ni i wasn’t a player—much too old for that–i stepped in some chemical–possibly chlorine/dioxin and my right foot is almost healed after 45 days. thought i was going to lose it.

    am in the process of acquiring permanent residence here so i can work and come and go at m y leisure. sent all sorts of docs to the US last month and got them back today. three weeks from cr to the us and one week back.

    now the real fun begins. going to the emigration office tomorrow to begin what could be a year long process. meanwhile i have to exit cr next month and come back or face deportation.

    anyone reading this post who has been through this escapade and can share any fast track info will certainly have my immediate appreciation.



    1. What frightened you about the girl? The kid I knew and mentioned was at the lead walled room when I was scheduled there. We also were on the same schedule at SRI testing. This kid made voices come out of the walls in that room. I wasn’t in there with him but he told me what went on as did one of the interns at SRI. The same kid demonstrated some pretty weird capabilities to me. Some readers here may wonder what the hell this topic has to do with Hoss’s skinwalker experiences. Well, it has everything to do with it.

      They did tape all of these tests. That’s why I asked about the tapes you mentioned. I was told they were destroyed but knew that was total BS.

      The main warning I have to all interested in this subject is this. It’s fine to develop certain esoteric skills yourself. When you seek help outside in certain ways you’re going to find trouble. Trouble that doesn’t go away easy. Be real careful who you invite in.

  18. yes. the girl was a skinwalker. i first saw her in san jose. outside my sliding glass door. but she was a cat–at that moment. also witnessed by my first wife.
    when i saw her again at the library–she admitted that it was indeed her. this conversation was telepathic. i can clearly see the room in the library quite distinctly as i type this reply.
    odd–that i haven’t thought about this in quite a few years. also–she was with a woman–dark haired–plump–of baltic origin. her handler, i suppose.


    1. Ax
      The kid at SRI I wrote about also had a handler. One was a “white coat” type that I figured was with SRI as the kid was under 18 yrs old. He said he was 14. He also always had a lady with him at all times. I thought at the time that it was his mother. There were 14 of these kids at SRI then. They were only there for a few weeks or so. They kept all of them isolated and with some adult at all times. I’m not sure what they could do other than the one kid I talked about. It just all seemed like business as usual to me at the time. SRI was looking hard into Remote Viewing at the time. They’d give us coordinates and then we’d draw what came to mind. There were several classes of us there. Military types, the kids and those that testest very high at various functions like science fairs.

      I’m actually trying to wrap my head around shape shifting / skin walkers because of the events that Hoss endured. At the moment I don’t actually believe that humans transform to another form. I think it’s an entity that they invited in. Hoss can explain the initiation process for these skin walkers. They don’t seem to go inward for assistance but instead go outside.

      Your statement that “it’s odd that you haven’t thought about these things in a few years” is interesting. That’s common and the more you dig into your own past the more you’ll remember. Each of us had a handler of sorts. Mine was a Marine that showed up at work. The job SRI got me through the Psychology Dept. at SJState. The stuff we did was totally different than that of most. It was all about pushing limits that are self imposed. Or so they thought. I can tell plenty on that but it may not fit on this blog where the main topic is skin walkers.

      Much more to come on this subject. C to C should have Hoss back on the show. You can bet that there are people looking into his property and claims right now. I’d love to hear Hoss and a guest that understands transdimensional beings on at the same time.

      Hoss, You talked of voices coming from the floor I believe. The kid at SRI I mentioned made voices come from the walls at will. So what were the voices and where do they originate? There is a common trait that all of us had at that place and time. Brain wave frequency and visualization. That and a long background in some form of hypnosis. You seem to have been cast into a reality that others created. I’m sure you have plenty more to tell regarding that.

      1. Fascinating – than you for sharing – I agree, it is an entity that they share and invite…hence the incantations.
        Feel free to share anything on my blog –
        E-mail – for more on the voices in the floor
        Yep, would love to go back on Coast to Coast – just have not gotten the call…

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