Amarillo by morning

One of my favorite western cow towns, I look forward to our sojourn here yearly. From Cadillac Ranch to great food – Amarillo rocks.

We always paint our names on a caddy! Jake loves running around all the spray cans.

This year our booth at the civic center was a bit lean on product.

I had the craziest customer insult me this year. I’m selling wine slushy and she came up looking for a sample. Realizing she was sipping a wine slushy and loving it – she promptly informed me “you are going to hell”. I was a bit taken aback and asked her what religion she was – “INTERDENOMINATIONAL” her reply…I looked at her and said…oh ya cant make up your mind huh? She stalked off to insult the beard grooming guy because he was wearing a Trump tshirt.

I bought one cause that is funny! Yes, people were offended by his shirt.

Slow show but camped fully hooked up at an RV park – loved the sauna and whirlpool. I could get used to this life.

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