Oklahoma is Ok

“How do you like the people of Oklahoma?” Tough question since I’m schlocking wine slushies at the Oklahoma State Fair. They are awesome (and they are) – I reply. My patron replies – no they are alright but uptight.

12 hour shifts, no breaks, hardcore sales! All vendors look out for one another and I ask Jason my Tornado Storm Shelter neighbor to keep an eye while I go to the bathroom. Four minutes later I return to all hell breaking loose. The fair Nazi enforcers are at my booth writing me a ticket for booth abandonment! Jason (who shells out about $10k for his booth) says whoa…I was watching it…and talks her down to a mere warning. She wags her finger in my face and says you have been warned! I asked her if I needed to go to the principal’s office! They checked on me hourly for the next ten days…

That was the only negative we turned to a positive and it’s all good. A young African American woman approaches my booth with a baby emblazoned on her tshirt – big – is the only word (on her shirt not her). I lead off with ” it was all a dream” – she was shocked an old white guy new B.I.G.! Bought two slushies! Ching $$

My neighbor made my stay at the fair! Every morning he would present me with a cup of black loose leaf tea from Nepal his homeland. Each afternoon, green tea from Nepal. The humble two handed gift was so heart warming and full of love. Moving…

From the wonderful Guatemalan family to my other neighbor Stu Mayo (the kids used to tackle him on the playground and yell “hold the mayo”).

Stu (not Stewy – only his mother calls him that..my bad) cooked for everyone as he preached the gospel of nutrition through his $5000 pan sets – yes you read that right. Every night, he would ring the bell and for a dollar he would deliver great chicken stew! He asked for a donation of a buck but fed all whether they had money or not. I respect that even if his Sam and Ella jokes were lame.

Oklahoma State Fair – 129 hours of good people! I rode in with my stock each morning- legs burning – all good!!

On the road again – Arkansas- my favorite state…BIKES BLUES BARBECUE here we come.

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma is Ok

    1. Shoba from Crow country…safe travels my friend…may the Great spirit bless and watch over you and yours as you travel this great country…Aho

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