Sasquatch Sighting

Sasquatch Huntin Mobile
Sasquatch Huntin Mobile

I leave home around 11am headed into the Wolf Mountains just east of Lodge Grass, Mt. Headed to one of my favorite spots – the 4H Pond – where ice cold spring water flows! The approach to the spring is a climb in 4wheel lo – sure ya can make it in a car but why beat up ur ride? I am idling up in first gear low and just come around a bend

small black bear
small black bear

when I see a young black bear. I stop get out and take pictures – the bear obliges and stands up to check out the old Toyota ( I can tell he approves). I idle down into the pull-out where the spring water flows so cold it is a blessing! I pray and give thanks as I always do while letting the ice cold water wash my hands and head. Chloe, my four year old lab plays in the creek. I fill up a seven gallon container and a 1/2 gallon jug for the trip back.

1907497_10153044314732087_3726461390052436458_nI walk back to the Toyota and hear a loud knock knock knock – pause – knock knock knock; Chloe begins to growl and I tell her to load – she refuses and we both look in the direction of the knock. At the top of the ridge to the south east, something big moves through the trees as the knocking stops. Cold realization hits! Sasquatch.

My buddies and I always say we are going squatching – the local Crow People have shared sightings and encounters with me – but I never really thought I would hear or see a Sasquatch. I can not say what I saw through the trees. But whatever it was – it was sentient and wanted me to look up out of my reverie and see this trans-dimensional being. Oops, trans-dimensional – I have always believed in Sasquatch and just figured it came and went at will from another dimension not yet perceived by humans.11219729_10153044361937087_8621636592594352750_n

I came down from the mountain and stopped at a friends house to share my water wealth – then another friend stops and is headed up in the Big Horns to fast and pray for four days – I ask him to remember me in his prayers and he gives me a feather after he drinks deep.

A good day –


One thought on “Sasquatch Sighting

  1. A conversation with a buddy of mine –
    4 hours ago

    This post of your sasquatch sighting is truly fiction… Or is it?
    All true my friend
    No moonshine

    Holy cats my friend, you are a fortunate one indeed!
    The odd thing was…I was not looking
    But thanks

    And it has probably seen you many times. Wood knocks, sighting… That’s crazy.
    Yep…I go to the spring twice a week and many times felt I was watched…

    And then it decides to communicate, Dude, that’s heavy. Now what?
    I thought about walking up on the ridge but figured I would just respect it that way if it wants to show itself all good
    Sure I had a gun with me…but there was no fear…tension…just like it was saying hello…and if they shapeshift…the bear could have been the first

    Respect is as good an approach as any. That is awesome though.
    I was looking at work in Gillette… If it had panned out (I feel it fell through) we would have hooked up to go squatchin’… Now I can only say “I’m not worthy”!
    Lol… I hope you have many more sightings.
    You are drinking squatch water!

    Make good moonshine with squatch water.
    Come up Sheridan…u will find work…I know Sasquatch Moonshine

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