Bear Root Smoke

Montana winter starts early and the fireplace roars dispelling the cold. Bear Root wafts from the stove heated atop – These last months have been full. Aside from Sheridan, Wyoming – I rarely leave the peaceful confines of the Crow Reservation. I don’t really write much and yet write constant in my mind. I am so blessed with the oddest of friends that have come into my life serendipitous. From the editor of Grit Magazine, Hank Will sending a handmade knife to this weekend Mr. Bulltail giving me a quarter of a moose when I was up in the Big Horn Mountains.

Jade called two weeks ago and was coming down from the Big Horns with her first buffalo taken with her bow! “hey do you want some meat?” She has given me elk and buffalo which I butchered using Hank’s knife in the garage. Moose stew, elk steak, buffalo soup – honey from a guy I traded horses with – a Pendlelton blanket from another trade. I just have to say how blessed I am with friends!

I have been up into the Big Horn Mountains quite a bit of late. The old Toyota is a good mountain rig and with my good friend Woody Springfield, I have been up looking for Sasquatch. I have been surprised with many stories about Sasquatch sightings – coming from some of the most unlikely of sources.

My quest is now to learn more about Sundance and the Crow people – from meeting and talking to the elders nothing fascinates me more. Reading today from Tom Yellowtail and understanding (or trying to understand) the way of the people before the coming of the white man.

It is good –

From spring water at the 4H Pond to Commissary water – Windy Point and everyplace in between!

1393884_10152369040757087_5923769447656082115_n 1527081_10152375005477087_3210114993352482441_n 10350452_10152281419512087_1846974926897995041_n 10356136_10152369193142087_4271648610820631548_n 10356273_10152299357687087_5857347975599520997_n 10394556_10152376397302087_1375096715320731616_n 10532472_10152376397172087_4600053732251552993_n 10557298_10152399045537087_6188966499923658507_n 10562998_10152374275182087_4195866541257931659_n 10577075_10152372919617087_610716263347781026_n 10599365_10152342374947087_7630609806984975062_n 10600530_10152349369137087_198108891832483840_n 10615409_10152369109137087_1843455272483452545_n 10620782_10152399045597087_4669065369043294849_n 10622984_10152369756392087_2477761850237362631_n 10628277_10152399045357087_1516624473175998672_n 10644407_10152399045472087_3865122872427017345_n (1)

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