Meth-Crow Rez – All Good

I do not know much about drugs! My roommate in college showed up with a garbage bag of weed he got from the chief of police’s son. I really do not think smoking weed is wrong. I do not believe the whole “gateway” argument. I think that alcohol ruins more lives but Meth is an abomination.

Yesterday – I noticed a car up the hill watching the ranch – they sat for about three hours – not the Feds. They drive in like they own the place. I figured I would go up and see who was so interested. I knew who they were looking for and figured I would send em on their way.

I drove up and gave a friendly wave – my truck being higher (read their lowboy) – I saw they both had Glock 19’s sitting ready. I asked who they were looking for and they did not say anything – they seemed tense – I gave em my good-ole-boy smile and told em that the tweeker that owed em money for meth was no longer on the ranch. They both relaxed…I said I would be sure to call them if and when he came back to the ranch but they would have to take sloppy seconds. They laughed and I said he stole from me too – we exchanged business cards and I drove off.

Interesting how two tatted hard core guys ready to go from zero to 100 in the blink of an eye could laugh. In every neighborhood there are enforcers who collect one way or another. After I drove my old truck back down to the ranch, I realized how close death is everyday. The Crow Reservation is a hardcore rez that has many wonderful native people at Sundance and Crow Fair and yet day to day life is hard, poor, and riddled with drugs and alcohol. I love living here – love the people – love the depth of culture – and understand that some things are better left alone.

Change = Top Down! Keynes it ain't no trickle
Change = Top Down!
Keynes it ain’t no trickle


if ya ask me this sounds like fiction…

9 thoughts on “Meth-Crow Rez – All Good

  1. Nice post Jeffrey, there are such turbulent times on reservations throughout the US. On a bright note, from the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation, the girls basketball duo of Shoni & Jude Schimmel had a great year and gave inspiration to many 🙂

    Wish you well, and I hope some day to head up and take part in the Crow Fair. Cheers.

  2. Frozen food plant in north dakota where i happened to be back in 2012 — has in house — on staff meth dealers to keep the workers cranking the pies out twenny fore seven.
    Weed is there too but those norskies can drink the town dry on paydays–sho’ ’nuff!

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