I Do Not Exist – according to Obamacare

With the State of the Union (or disunion depending on who is watching), I thought I would take a brief moment of your time and regal you since I do not exist. I tried to obey “the law” (for once in my life) and sign up for Obamacare – but, he did not care! I went to the site on two different occasions – entered all my data – and was told that I do not exist!EEsmiling

While studying the Bhagavad- Gita under the tutelage of Eknath Easwaran  (true story – http://www.easwaran.org/eknath-easwaran.html) I was told to extinguish my ego – little 14_largedid I know!


Tell me of the man who lives in wisdom, Ever aware of the Self, O Krishna; How does he talk, how sit, how move about?

Sri Krishna:

He lives in wisdom Who sees himself in all and all in him, Whose love for the Lord of Love has consumed Every selfish desire and sense-craving Tormenting the heart. Not agitated By grief nor hankering after pleasure, He lives free from lust and fear and anger Fettered no more by selfish attachments, He is not elated by good fortune Nor depressed by bad. Such is the seer. But when you move amidst the world of sense From both attachment and aversion freed, There comes the peace in which all sorrows end, And you live in the wisdom of the Self. The disunited mind is far from wise; How can it meditate? How be at peace? He is forever free who has broken out Of the ego-cage of I and mine To be united with the Lord of Love. This is the supreme state. Attain thou this And pass from death to immortality.

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