Confessional – he is a liar, he is a thief, he is a drunk, druggie….Confessional

I wrote the following on my Facebook page and had a plethora of comments and likes…figure I would share more!

I have been called all of the above – liar, drunk, druggie, thief…and worse…a whole lot worse.

“Today I have been really thankful for friends – at Christmas I got the best present from my poorest friend – he always gives. People look down on him because he does not have the best truck, the best clothes, tons of $$ – I even had a local farmer tell me to watch him…(I watch the local farmer – trust him less) But, it just really hit me who gives back! Look into your “friends” and see who really gives and burn cedar for them and their children!”155771_10151856192777087_1097438307_n

October, and I am alone on the ranch here in Montana. I am really happy because life is peaceful and positive. Having weathered the storm of the century, I could finally write in peace. What actually happened was I went outside and enjoyed the ranch!

The beaver were eating tree after tree and the ranch owner was not happy – not my problem because I am not the caretaker (I do wanna be caretaker but that is another story) so…all good. One of the local mountain men was talking about beaver and the ranch owner wanted the beaver trapped so I asked him to trap. I know his children and his wife and I thought he was a good guy! (I still do) He came in December to trap and brought along his sons and we all learned from the expert. The local farmer saw him trapping and told me he was a thief and no good. (Funny, most people I know say that about the farmer) The farmer told me to run him off – Well, I do not let anyone choose my friends, politics, or religion…so I kept trapping with the guy.

I mentioned to mountain man that the former caretaker had stolen the ranch air hose (the mountain man had a flat) – he said – I have an extra one let me bring it over – and did! I moved from the lower older house to the former caretakers house and who was there to help me move…well not the farmer. Then we only moved the washer and sent the dryer to the dump – the mountain man asked if we needed a dryer – yep the day after Christmas an old sturdy Kenmore shows up in the back of his Toyota.

The mountain man is married to an Indian which makes him a squaw man. (Yes, people still think that way to this day.) I do not care! I do not care if he is white, Indian, a farmer, a mountain man – he is now what I call a friend. I have few friends.

Listen and take a chance, don’t listen to the wealthy farmer, lawyer, preacher, whomever – listen to your gut because had I not listened, I would have lost out.

My bottom line: many times the persons’ judgmental lie is the truth about themselves – next time someone says “he is a liar” – “he is a thief” – “he is no good” – he is he is he is – just figure it is a confession!


14 thoughts on “Confessional – he is a liar, he is a thief, he is a drunk, druggie….Confessional

  1. Agree with what you have written. It is usually the ones who are doing the sh*t talking that are the ones to look out for. Your honest writing is a gift and an inspiration to do better.

      1. I sure do try! Haven’t been keeping up lately as much as I want to. I will always read your ramblings, Jeff. You’re important to me –

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