Warriors of the Rainbow and Qituvituaq Litchard! “Q” Escaping Alaska!



The other evening, I was privileged to be featured on The Haunted Harvest Moon with host Vonda McDaniels. Vonda had some 20130609_165749really good questions and her listeners were really astute! I came away wishing I had another hour with Vonda! I open my e-mail the next evening and received one of the best e-mails from Nome, Alaska! Qituvituaq Litchard ( Q ) is ” an Eskimo or Inupiaq born in Nome Alaska, I come from a long line of shamans. My moms grandmother was the shaman of the village of Shishmaref here in Alaska.”wrangell_medicine_man1

Qituvituaq Litchard helped me understand one question that I have had for a long long time! I am going to quote “Q” directly from our e-mail conversation (yes, I asked permission).

The question “Why was I able to see and experience/see all these different other dimensional entities  and powers more clearly on the Navajo Reservation?”

Indulge me while I give you a “feel” for this Alaskan Inupiaq Shaman – I am so thankful and blessed to have “Q” as a friend!

“Her grandma (Q’s mom) was a “good shaman” and did a ceremony on my mother when she was born to pass down the powers to her

anyway my mom is one of the last Inupiaqs who had the traditional way of passing on shamanic powers done, because it was illegal and considered satanic by the white people and Christianity, i’m sure you have heard plenty of stories similar.
The Inupiaq shamans have a lot in common with the skinwalkers you talked about on a radio interview i heard with you, they can become animals or half animals. This was still common when white people came but the white people put a end to it and now its all underground and secret.
anyways, i think it would be good for my mom to meet other cultures’ shaman who do healing also. I would be interested in seeing the similarities and differences.
I would like to travel out of alaska sometime and meet this shaman that healed you, maybe my mom could learn something about healing from him that was lost in alaska.”
NOW TO MY SPECIFIC QUESTION – Why  was I able to see and experience/see all these different other dimensional entities  and powers more clearly on the Navajo Reservation?
Back to Q –
because your physical body becomes part of the energy around you, it seeps into you and becomes part of your flesh.
this world is like a reflection of the spiritual, the animals with the “names” or virtues are spirit manifested in reality of those attributes of the spirit
in the Navajo rez you were circled with more of the powers of whatever spirit was there and it became part of you, and when you left it slowly left you.
when my mom was born her grandmother did a shamanic ceremony on her, rubbed rabbit furs on her hands so she would be a healer, and did a buncha other stuff that i don’t know the details of.
the point of the ceremony is to put the powers of the animals spiritual qualities into the person, to make her part of that attribute to open her body and soul up to it.
i have shamanic powers because i was born from a shaman, the powers from her are transferred physically to this world, if you are born from someone with bad spirit, or bad problems like anger or whatever. or a happy person, those powers will pass to you too240px-Yupik_shaman_Nushagak – that spirit will become part of your body and soul.
u know the native cleansing ceremony? with a shell and sage? that plant purifies the negative… if you want to get in touch you have to purify yourself of whatever, and add back the qualities of whatever you are missing to be more in tuned with it.
 this reality is real, but im sure there is a infinite amount of realities that are real, when people are skinwalkers they use the animals hide and spiritual attributes to manifest their bodies to be one with the animal, and u seen with your own eyes that this weird science is real.
Q and I talked via e-mail late into the night – I am so thankful and indebted to Q for taking the time to explain these things to me – I also was honored to be told that he thought of me as a –  “you seem like a cool guy. You ever hear of the warriors of the rainbow? Hopi prophecy. People who learn to respect and adopt other cultures are the warriors of the rainbow, i really see that in people like you who have the respect to absorb other cultures.”
Blessing Brother –  washing my hands in salt as I move forward!

5 thoughts on “Warriors of the Rainbow and Qituvituaq Litchard! “Q” Escaping Alaska!

  1. Thank you once again for sharing your story Hos. Warrior of the Rainbow… that’s a lovely term for the few white people who understand the Native ways. Thanks for that, I’ll be storing that in my memory banks.

    1. Oh yeah and its not just white people, its all races that will be part of the warriors of the rainbow. The 4 corners prophecy says all the cultures have to combine into 1 for the world to have peace, and until it does it will be off balance and have problems.

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