You are what you drive – Gay = Subaru?

I am in Bozeman and I (of course) am driving a huge 1 ton truck. I start looking around for parking spots and I am a keen observer – Subaru’s,

Official seal of Bozeman, Montana
Official seal of Bozeman, Montana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Subaru’s everywhere – Subaru’s ! Now, I know that Bozeman is the gay capital of Montana – and I know that the Subaru is the gay car of choice but really is everyone gay? ( no I am not making this up.

the-2013-subaru-xv-crosstrek_100386148_mThe whole gay thing really does not bother me – it is a personal choice that along with abortion, gun rights, and whether you read Grit magazine, just so you do not try to force your choice on me. Libertarian – I digress…

So, I have two 1 ton trucks – what does that say about me? Really? Poor gas mileage – built Ford and Dodge trucks, one gas and one diesel. I just am curious about what all my readers drive? and why ?

and there really is no place I would rather live than in and around Bozeman – simply beautiful!

7 thoughts on “You are what you drive – Gay = Subaru?

  1. 2000 Volkswagon Jetta. Cuz I love her. She’s got decent gas mileage, too…in a couple of years I will have owned her for half my life!
    You’re a man’s man who drives mans’ cars. We get it –
    Is your friend from Siberia still there? – !

      1. Wish I coulda been there. I know I would. Went to dinner with my family tonight – gonna miss my dad and bro’s birthday coming up – flying across the country for a wedding – and all they talked about the whole time were the stupid shows their girlfriends watch and cars and football. And all I could think of was the world beyond… Why do some of us rage, rage against the dying of the light, Hoss? Why?… I think it’s because we’ve longed for – and seen – more, and won’t settle for anything less. We can’t.

  2. I drive a 2006 Hyundai Accent, unwashed, because it was a pretty good buy. Boring story, I know. BUT…in my head I’m driving a soft-top Jeep, otherwise known as the MacGyver-mobile. That is my destiny…:o)

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