No, he was not dressed like this...
No, he was not dressed like this…

This stoop shouldered old Crow Indian man is in front of me at IGA – I just have a candy bar and he says “just go ahead in front of me son – I am waiting on the deli to bring stuff up for me – guess they don’t trust me – figure I will run off with it!” we laugh and  I reply – “don’t worry that happened to me yesterday and I am white!” He laughed and laughed and everyone in line joined in – he stopped and said – “just don’t let them have you sign any treaty’s!” and we all laughed ! Ya wonder why I love small Indian towns!

Warren Rules Lodge Grass
Warren Rules Lodge Grass

6 thoughts on “IGA INDIAN

  1. My wife and I recently took a tour of the ethnic groceries (always keeping in mind that, to the people of those ethnicities, they’re just “groceries”) in Austin, and as we were perusing the aisles at one particular IPB (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi) store, we noticed a Middle Eastern man who seemed to be shadowing us as we went. And it occurred to me that I, the white guy, had just been profiled. Makes you stop and think…

    P.S.–This is why I love small towns in general. Nobody ever speaks to me at the store here in Waco. Then again, I’m scary-looking sometimes…:o)

    1. Profiling – I have never even thought of that! Yep, I wave at everyone, hold the doors for elderly and ladies, get to hug the women I love (today in the middle of the street) – it is how (I think) things should be…

  2. Actually – I really struggled with the word treaty’s = treaties – and found it used both ways ! So, as a grammar and spelling Nazi I was really confused! I knew u would write that…

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