Chuseok (ChewSuck) and Metal Chopsticks

chuseok038This is probably my favorite time of year anywhere in the world! I love the crisp mornings here on Westwood Ranch as the Little Big Horn flows and the trees begin to turn.

The fall always reminds me of my time in Seoul, Korea. The horrid heat of summer broke and the full moon was fast approaching – Chuseok. Korean version of our Thanksgiving without the Indians. Dressed in traditional Hanbok and eating traditional food was one thing I always loved! The Hagwon (Private Academy) I was working for decided to take all of us out to have dinner about a week before Chuseok. I had only been in Korea for about three months and my language and chopstick ability were not great. We went to eat Kalbi ( Korean Barbequed Beef Short Ribs) an expensive treat in Korea!


Now Kalbi is cooked right in front of you on a grill indoors! The garlic and kimchi smell is overwhelming and I must admit that I was hungry. Being a guest I was told I could take some meat off the grill first (you take the meat and wrap it in lettuce with goju – hot sauce) so I picked up my metal chop sticks and attempted to pick up some meat -as I squeezed down on that succulent piece of meat my one metal chopstick slipped – no not down into the hot coals but pirouetted end over end straight at the director/owner of the academy. I skewered him right in the head! I was mortified! He began to laugh and handed me a fork and told me I was restricted to using it the rest of dinner. I have since mastered the art of metal chopsticks

Metal lethal chopsticks
Metal lethal chopsticks


7 thoughts on “Chuseok (ChewSuck) and Metal Chopsticks

  1. Hahahaha! That reminds me of a post I’ve been meaning to write about my first few weeks in Taiwan. You should see some of the pics I have of the “lunches” they provided at the school. Some of the slimiest, nastiest things I’d ever seen (I am not a fan of Taiwanese cuisine – and the catering company that provided the meals was sub-par by any standard), and next to impossible (or so I thought) to eat with chopsticks! My students used to laugh and laugh…

    But maiming the director – that’s classic!!!

      1. The Pizza Hut in Taiwan sold pizzas with peas and all kinds of weird stuff on them… But yes – were still better than the food at the school –

        Your wish is my command –

      1. You definitely should! I was driving through the state last month. It is SO diverse – culturally, religiously, geographically! And oh so beautiful!

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