The Lodge Grass Dumpster Bible

Christ oriental - Our Lady of Lebanon Melkite ...
Christ oriental – Our Lady of Lebanon Melkite Church, Fortaleza Brazil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Catholic Church “Our Lady of Loretto” is a wonderful active church that provides a multi-denominational outreach to the community of Lodge Grass. The local Baptist church is being torn down. Hypocrisy aside, I have observed the local Baptists using funds and labor for their own personal gain and the Catholic Church flourishes – go figure.

I take the trash down to the dump and find a Bible lying at the edge of the dumpster. I rescue the Bible and think back to when I was four years old and my Aunt Judy’s Sunday School Class. The chubby girl with short legs is sitting next to me and because her feet do not reach the floor she props her Bible under her feet! I remember the righteous indignation my Aunt Judy had when she saw the chubby girls feet on the Bible. I remember my aunt whipping that girl for defacing a Bible! It is the only time I ever saw my aunt angry and she likened it to Christ cleaning out the temple.

I was the naughty boy growing up. I was always in trouble. I think my teacher actually got tired of whipping me. But I knew that one did not mess around in church! The one time I messed around in church (throwing fudge balls in the sanctuary at Steve Smetters) a fudge ball went high and stuck just below the arm of the Cross of Christ. No one ever found out – but I felt extreme guilt for weeks as I entered the sanctuary and looked up to see the ever-present fudge ball. (Yes, we did make jokes about Christ not liking fudge.)

The Lodge Grass Dumpster Bible is now in the truck and will reside there as a reminder to honor the precepts found within…and an ever present reminder of fudge balls, forgiveness, and the peace of Christ.

Lodge Grass Baptist Church
Lodge Grass Baptist Church

4 thoughts on “The Lodge Grass Dumpster Bible

  1. Ever-present fudge ball, haha. You and Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn would’ve been the best of friends. I still feel guilty if ever I place something on top of my Bible — but sometimes I do it, anyway…

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