“The more you know, the less you need.” 

― Yvon ChouinardLet My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman

Headed East up in the Wolf Mtns...
Headed East up in the Wolf Mtns…

Today, I was out for the first run in Tru Grit – carefully put my St Croix rod and reel in the bed wrapped in an old sleeping bag and grabbed a Clif bar and Mountain Dew for the road! Headed up to the 4H trout pond which would take me through the Sundance Grounds of the Crow people. I drove out of the sunshine and into the clouds literally and figuratively.



Shrouded in clouds I came down the trail and into a large grassy plain – the Wolf Mountains hold this small valley sacred for the Crow. I stop and walk the grounds and see if they left anything behind. Two playing cards buried in the grass, tobacco offerings, bright colored strips of cloth snap in the crisp wind while ropes that suspended the supplicants still tied to the tree. The whole of the grounds were quiet, sacred, holy  – and I mused “what better way to spend Sunday morning church”.

Mojo and TruGrit
Mojo and TruGrit

I picked sage and bundled it together and remembered the Sundance Holy Water I drank that had been blessed here…

old 3
The other card was an Ace of Hearts…buried in Sage…

I am content with my old truck, Nikon camera, and old Mojo driving the backroads of the Crow Reservation looking for remnants of a time long past. Enjoy my day…

old 6

the ole loner
the ole loner

5 thoughts on “Remnants

  1. ahem. “*heded* east up into the wolf mtns…” lol, hoss …
    and you like mountain dew? me too …
    and the photos are AWESOME.
    and “…what better way to spend Sunday morning church” reminds me of …

    looks like a great day …

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