time rift under a blood red moon

11pm and I am out walking the ranch. I hear the horses splash through the river as they cross. No, I am not usually out this late walking. I stand and just listen. Faint at first – people talking and I catch a whiff of wood smoke. They are not speaking English something old – older than Crow – guttural, low but pleasing to the ear. A child cries and I hear the yip of a coyote and I know that the coyote is on my side of the rift and the native people camped by the river are on the other.blood-moon-full-red

Something tells me to turn and look to the Wolf Mountains and as I do I see the blood red moon rising silhouette black pine on blood red moon.

The rift vanishes as the moon rises and I am left with the faint smell of woodsmoke – my thoughts flow with the river water rushing onward – slowed for a moment’s glimpse past, present, future stained blood red.

8 thoughts on “time rift under a blood red moon

  1. This is poetry, Hoss. Pure and true. The descriptions – I’m there with you. I smell the woodsmoke, here the voices, see the blood run moon … My thoughts are in the river, with you.

  2. I absolutely love this photo. You have no idea how much. I’ve been staring at it for months now.

    This may be a strange request, but I’ve written a book which is to be published next summer. The cover is currently under discussion. I sent my publisher a google image link to your photo and everyone loves it.

    May I have them contact you about seeking permission/the rights to utilize it as a base for a book cover?

    Today I’m sending them the link to this page, but wanted to give you a head’s up.

    If you wonder if I’m for real or if you’d like to investigate me before making any decisions, here is my blog page: http://annandersonnoser.blogspot.com/

    The title of the book in question is HOW TO DATE DEAD GUYS.

    Here is some more specific info about the book: http://annandersonnoser.blogspot.com/2013/11/news-flash.html

    (I even used your picture, along with a few from Buffy–I hope that’s okay. I often utilize Google image photos to decorate my blog entries)

    Feel free to contact me directly or those at Curiosity Quills (perhaps ask for Alisa Gus).

    I hope to work with you, but if not–I still want you to know that is one of the most beautiful and intriguing photos I’ve ever seen.

    good day to you-
    Ann M. Noser
    (I also work as a veterinarian under my maiden name, Ann M. Anderson, DVM- if that becomes a question)

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