Goethe Again!

‘Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes” -Goethe

Wildflowers and the Jeep
Wildflowers and the Jeep

Goethe has been with me all morning –

Every-morning I drive down and feed the horses, and then Mojo, my old black lab and I make a tour of downtown Lodge Grass, Montana. What was once the only incorporated town on the Crow Reservation is now sucumb to a ghetto. I love Lodge Grass! I love that everyone waves as I drive on by –  I do not know anyone – a couple cashiers I joke with on occasion – the Post Office lady that I tease – Indian Joe the wanna be complete with ponytail – but everyone waves at the ole Jeep. I love all the dogs that chase the Jeep and how Mojo barks and is a dog!

I read about change yesterday with the acceptance of gay marriage. Not threatened –

But, what I was looking for was change close to home. I drive around the pow-wow grounds and up a hill passing the rodeo ground and looking toward the Wolf Mountains and I realize the change. Wildflowers! Every week there are new wildflowers opening. I stopped and shot some pictures but they do not do justice to the beauty. I don’t think that is the change Goethe is talking about but it is the change I prefer to see.



6 thoughts on “Goethe Again!

  1. What a lovely picture of wildflowers, we get them even in the harshest of summers here in Arizona. A little splash of vibrant color is always appreciated… Thanks for sharing!

  2. Flowers are always, like rainbows, God’s way of saying He loves us. Beauty after a winter blizzard….

  3. Beautiful. Sounds like a lovely town and a simple, beautiful life… I can just picture you teasing the lady at the post office, and a wannabe Injun Joe? Hilarious! I wish we had more wildflowers here… They’re all shriveled up and dead now. Too hot. 😦

    1. I saw Joe this morning coming out of the IGA and said hello and chuckled and thought “now you live on my blog” Today was tooo tooo hot even here in Montana – Mojo the black lab spent the day in the river!

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