Lodge Grass, Montana – Crow Rez – IGA Doughnuts

576Stop in my favorite supermarket in Lodge Grass (the only supermarket) and see the owner today! He compliments me on my writing which is cool! Tells me my Amish story is really funny! Cool…then says I got one for you!

He tells me about sitting in a meeting for product – where salesman after salesman come in and try to get all the IGA owners of Montana to buy products – this salesman from back east comes in and tells about this great pastry that has taken the world by storm! This pastry is just incredible and it sells out as soon as it comes in – people line up to buy it – it is just amazing pastry!woytuk_crow on nut_sm

He tells the IGA owners that they have to buy CROW NUTS – they come in glazed, chocolate covered, powdered, or plain. The whole group of IGA owners from Billings to Sheridan start laughing! One owner finally says – well the Crow women will love em and some of the men too! You can find these right next to the Rocky Mountain Oysters at our local IGA!

2 thoughts on “Lodge Grass, Montana – Crow Rez – IGA Doughnuts

  1. What a wacky story…Thanks for sharing that. It reminds me of a “Snipe” hunt. They don’t exist except in the mind. Now I must stop writing and go in search of the elusive snipe!

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