Navajo Taco

Nabaho Taco!  Nabaho Egocentric
Nabaho Taco!
Nabaho Egocentric

White Mountain Apache Reservation August 2006, the wife is leading barrels and going for her second win in barrels! I love the fair! I love this fair more than the “Great Navajo Nation Fair”. Sorry, I just always look forward to getting up in the pines and camping out. Whiteriver Rodeo has the best fireworks of any Indian rodeo. Period!

We walk through the fair and of course I am hungry – hey it is a fair and I am the fat white guy! I see a frybread stand and walk quickly over to stand in line with about 10 Apaches…remember I am used to being the dumb white guy…! I get up to the counter and ask for – Yes, I asked for a “Navajo Taco!” I honestly thought they were endemic to the Navajo Rez! The Apache lady was not humored especially since my proud little Navajo was standing next to me with a shit eating grin! I never even realized everyone was pissed – pure food focus! I finished up my Apache Taco and thanked the lady all the while oblivious to angry stares of the Apache!

So, what do you get when a Mexican and a Navajo get married….Navajo Taco!

In all fairness – my mother-in-law and sister in law make the best frybread in the world bar none! I do love all the different frybreads – especially Bobbie Riggs (The Champ) bread that is super thin and I forget the name! Each tribes “frybread” is different and each is great!

Dedicated to Renee Kevine – the first ndn that ever made me frybread !


6 thoughts on “Navajo Taco

  1. They shouldn’t be mad about you calling it a Navajo Taco. I mean, to a Hispanic, it really isn’t a taco at all… (It’s FRY BREAD with garnish!) 😉

  2. Ya just have to read the sign and ask for it accordingly! At the Apache County fair there will be both Apache Tacos and Navajo tacos! Go figure!

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