Flourishing Flowers, Flowering Fountains

One has to love Spring in Siberia – seems like an oxymoron

Transform Siberia

Flowers and Fountains! Finally. FINALLY! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!! When fountains flower and flowers flourish then Lazurus-Spring has finally chased the Queen of Winter from her Siberian throne. Pink Rhododendron have burst into the sleeping grey forest, jolting a sleeping winter heart into beating-beating blood red LIFE! Blazing blossoms of fuchsia shatter the Siberian paradigm and make the quiet of the forest so loud. And the fountains! A ballet of water washes through the souls of city dwellers. Under protection of a fountain, toddlers squeal at new sensations, children splash, skate, gawk, and dash. Youth cuddle, parents chat and tend the young ones, and the elderly rest, enjoying the water show, complete with music and light. Fountains create refuges in the rush of Russian cities. Fountains and flowers transform Siberia!










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