I Can’t Spell! in Pinon, Arizona – Part 1

th1999 10th Grade English, First Period – Navajo Rez !! and we are all just waking up! Col. Mike Clark our fearless principal comes into my classroom to discuss a matter of grave importance! Someone had “tagged” the dugout brick wall! He knew who it was and the young man was sitting in my classroom! Oh, he could not prove it – but we all knew!westside (1)

The only problem was how to punish the young man? You see the young man was in my classroom and this was English class and all of a sudden the “TAG” was my fault! Yes, MY FAULT! The young man that tagged the dugout was a notorious member of “WESTSIDE”. Throwing gang signs in a town of 400 people – ya kinda stand out. Now why was it my fault ? Simple – the young man tagged the dugout WESSIDE – it seems he was a phonetic speller! Minus 5 points for poor spelling!

I had him stay after class and write WESTSIDE on the board 100 times! I will not tolerate any of my English students misspelling their gang affiliation!

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