Drunk at Harvard

I always love that word “Harvard” sounds like something out of a Jerry Seinfeld joke. You can just hear him saying it in that nasal Jew voice. Just the word elicits prestige and advanced learning. As if by osmosis, to walk the hallowed grounds one will gain understanding and wisdom.

JFK Harvard
JFK Harvard

JFK School of Government and Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute teamed up to give College Republicans a training they would never forget! Morton Blackwell was a National Convention Alternate Delegate for Ronald Reagan in 1968 and 1976, and a Ronald Reagan Delegate at the 1980 National Convention. In 1980, he organized and oversaw the national youth effort for Ronald Reagan. He served as Special Assistant to the President on President Reagan’s White House Staff 1981-1984. Morton Blackwell was no slouch! Cigar and a long Southern drawl, Blackwell was a politicians politician.

These were the Reagan years and America was on top! I was on top too, I served as the president of Bowling Green State University College Republicans and Treasure for the State of Ohio College Republicans. I got to the Back Bay Hilton early and settled into the bar. Two goods friends were along and we dined and made our way from one bar to the next enjoying the evening with fellow Republicans giddy with youth and gin!


Gin is the key to my downfall and still to this day I can not drink or smell gin. I fall asleep at 4am and set the alarm for 6am. Up and groggy and feeling queasy, I stumble to the truck and drive to Harvard! Oh no….Oh no oh no oh no…bathroom now ! I run into the men’s room and start to give back to the porcelain god – the gin burned coming up. I smell cigar smoke. Someone is smoking in the stall next to me? I begin to wash my face and bam – I am throwing up again into the sink. I hate gin! I look up and Morton Blackwell is standing next to me handing me his handkerchief and chuckling. I introduce myself embarrassed and he smiles and says in his sweet southern drawl ” I am sure you will do just fine in politics”.

Later that morning, while I am introducing myself to the audience Blackwell says, “Mr Lors and I met over gin”.

2 thoughts on “Drunk at Harvard

  1. Serendipity man, my last blog mentions GIN….and not in a good way. A man once told me that only whores drank Gin, so I ran with that. (Sorry you got so ill) I quit drinking a few years back, the hang-over part CAN KILL YOU.
    Thanks for yet another interesting tale !

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