Happy Earth Day / Prius vs 69 Jeep CJ5!

3.67 million Prius automobiles have been built and sold as of March 2013! Over half were sold in the US! GREEN! This car is touted as so green that it makes hippies dance without a hit from their bong.

Environmentally Friendly!
Environmentally Friendly!

For some reason, I just do not like the Prius. I have never driven one, never ridden in one, but I have been passed by one! I guess it is the irony of driving a Prius fast. It has not happened just once it has happened many many times. I was driving my 1997 Ford F350 with a 7.3 liter diesel at 75 miles per hour headed to Billings, Montana and bam there goes a Prius at 85 miles per hour – I thought well they might be charging their batteries on a downhill! I look down at the odometer and see that it is about to turn 400,000. I wonder how many Prius are about to turn 400,000? I think of the batteries in the Prius and Each battery pack uses 10–15 kg (22–33 lb) of lanthanum, and each Prius electric motor contains 1 kg (2 lb) of neodymium; production of the car is described as “the biggest user of rare earths of any object in the world.”[127]  

Whoa – the biggest user times 3.67 million Prius built = huge environmental impact!

I pull into the parking lot here in Lodge Grass, Montana at the local IGA! I spot a hippie getting out of a Prius! I am driving my 1969 Jeep CJ5. I am thinking wow Earth Day and I am driving an eco-friendly vehicle! Her Prius has a bumper sticker “MiSOULa” I guess Missoula Montana has a soul..cute and “Who Would Jesus Bomb” well we all know the answer to that – Muslims! Oh wait… Anyway, the Jeep is lifted with 35″ tires and the original engine, tranny, and transfer case! Yes, it has new axles Dana 44‘s out of a 73 Ford Bronco (re-use materials makes me a hippie?)!B8Cd98!EGk~$(KGrHqIOKooEy+jC)yvmBM14Go(-3w~~_12

Wow, 2013 Prius with cool bumper-stickers and my 44 year old Jeep! Which is more green? Well, I guess we have to find out in 40 years if the Prius is lifted and still on the road!

Happy Earth Day! and remember dream of Whirled Peas…peace out!

Dedicated to Stephen Garcia – monster-prius

13 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day / Prius vs 69 Jeep CJ5!

  1. Made me laugh! Remember the South Park episode about smug? I still laugh hard when I watch it for the umpteenth time.


  2. Aw, I love it!! Sooo true. I always think of you when I have to get the reassurance from the Subaru people that yes indeed, we still have at least another 100,000 miles on our car. As old as our two cars are, the only 2 we have ever had in mine and stehen’s nearly 2 decades together, they are still going strong. One may not look so cute and the technology may be older but the insanity of buying more and new just feels so wrong when what we have works. Not to mention the budget friendliness of it all, gas vs. car payments. Gas way lower considering our low consumption since our proximity to everything also encourages much walking and biking 😉 thanks for the post and we miss you bunches!! Xo your fave fern fondler

  3. My sister drives a green Prius! (definitely a hippie car.) We have a Toyota (Baja) Tacoma ALL BLACK 4wd truck. You’d LOVE this truck. We sit high,and have tires that can handle all terrain. Out here we get mud, snow, ice, and dirt roads. If you don’t have a decent truck out here, the neighbors look at you funny.
    God Bless Earth Day & May you visualize “Whirled Peas”….. 🙂 Thanks for the fun blog!

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