Skinwalker Ranch and Satan’s Butte Coincidence?

English: Bigelow Aerospace President Robert Bi...
English: Bigelow Aerospace President Robert Bigelow
This just in from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous but is a well respected UFO Researcher!


“I just got through reading a book called “Hunt for the Skinwalker,” that is based on the para-normal case on Skinwalker Ranch (Sherman Ranch) from near Ft. Duchesne, Utah. It’s interesting in the similarities in both of the cases (Satan Butte & Skinwalker Ranch); and it’s also interesting that both cases were investigated by Robert Bigelow‘s Investigative Group from Las Vegas, NV. ?

Another interesting fact I determined is that the Satan Butte Case and the Utah Skinwalker Ranch Case lie on the same Longitude? 109.8546 and 109.8650 – Coincidence? Ley Line? 




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One thought on “Skinwalker Ranch and Satan’s Butte Coincidence?

  1. I know that Tom Dongo, George Knapp and Cris O’Brien all wrote books on that area of UTAH. I do know Tom Dongo because he lives out here, and is a great guy. But I will tell you one guy on the list is very unfriendly, and when I mentioned the strange things I encountered, he was rude and dismissed me like I was bothering him. The paranormal guys even have a hierarchy, and they fight amoung themselves ! There is arrogance even with these paranormal guys. (Another reason why I stay clear of many of them.) If the guy talked to you at all, he may have just wanted “Filler” for his next novel. Be Cautious my friend. I wouldn’t trust ’em.

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