MUFON – UFO Sighting Part 2

UFO 1 with Tendrils
Feds investigate Satan’s Butte

The next morning, I sent the pictures and a brief report to MUFON ( ) and was called at my home within minutes of the report hitting the net! I got a call from a lady at MUFON! – she asked if I would be willing to be interviewed that evening – I said sure – Dominic Mancini, from Phoenix interviewed me for two hours – amazing – they were intrigued by the photos. We talked and exchanged e-mails over the next couple weeks till I got word that some “Navajo Rangers” were coming out to see the site! I thought “yeah right” Dominic said 9:30 on Friday and I thought sure sure… I went down and checked (the butte being about three miles from our home) and sure enough some feds were at Satan’s Butte.

Mufon 4
Touchdown Site

They were driving “Navajo Ranger” vehicles and were very personable. They stated that they were part of a “special ops” paranormal investigation group of 16 Rangers on the Navajo Reservation. They said they did not advertise! Well, I rode up on my atv backed up by two Mormon elders, Ben Gregersen and Jason Rowe that had a two-way radio and binoculars trained on my back. I stopped some ways out and turned on the HD video on my Nikon so I could surreptitiously tape the interview. It was fascinating!I started the interview complaining about cattle and grazing since we have a large grazing permit…the Lt chuckled and said “we both know we are not here about grazing and cattle” He then told me about his “Special Ops” unit…they investigate Skinwalkers, witchcraft, paranormal, archaeology site/theft, and everything in between. They have Gen 4 night equipment, AR15’s, Sat link computers the list goes on….On an interesting side note – the next evening we had more Skinwalkers visit our home than I care to remember!

Ben Gregersen and Jason Rowe
Ben Gregersen and Jason Rowe

The Mormon elders and I went out Tuesday and searched the whole site – they took along four plastic sealed Books of Mormon and planted them at the highest points around the butte and renamed the butte from Satan’s Butte to Zion’s Butte!  Now why would our government send out trained investigators to investigate? How could Skinwalkers be tied to this sighting?

UFO Ship Two Descending
UFO Ship Two Descending

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