MUFON – UFO Sighting in June 2010 (Part 1)

Mutual UFO Network
Mutual UFO Network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beginning in June 2010, I started to notice an odd light at 9:46 in the evening and it appeared to be descending onto what is Mufon5known locally as Satan’s Butte. The local Navajo have tales about a large snake that lived on top of the butte and ancient rituals were performed around a huge fire – the snake would emerge from a hole and “wishes” were granted to the supplicants. If cows or sheep wandered into the vicinity – they were just left to the butte. Knowing this and having heard stories from local Navajo Ranchers about a craft that was seen to enter the crater formed inside Satan’s Butte, I was curious but dismissed the stories as local folklore to entertain the white rancher!
On June 2nd I rushed into the house and told my wife that I had seen something descending into Satan’s Butte. She rolled her eyes and asked when she should call the men in white jackets. I swore I saw something that appeared to be cylindrical and had flashing red lights in the middle. Two night later, I rushed into the house and told her to look out because it was descending again. She was not quick enough and missed the craft. By this time, the wife really thought I had flipped out or was drinking! I then told her that I was going to Flagstaff to Best Buy and buy a good camera so I could photograph it next time it landed. I bought a good digital Nikon! Having bought the Nikon, I waited and waited…satansbutte3

(I have full MUFON documentation of this story complete with e-mails and photos)

5 thoughts on “MUFON – UFO Sighting in June 2010 (Part 1)

  1. I went on a UFO tour last summer with Tom Dongo. What we saw was really strange. With the use of night vision goggles, we saw these weird lights that would flash and blink, then they would disappear and reappear in different parts of the sky. We live near Sedona. Two weeks later, I saw them near my house, and I live to the south of Sedona. My belief is that they have always been here, and that people pass them off as aircraft. This was not a blimp, helicopter, plane or ultra-light craft. These things are silent, and they are watching us.

    1. That is fascinating! I think so much of our consciousness is closed off that we do not see them – but they have been there for a long long time!
      Thanks for the comment and reading!

  2. I was told by a friend who was once a Navajo police officer and saw many unusual sitings while he patrolled the area of Jeddito, AZ. He said the UFOs seemed to attracted to power lines or electricity and he believed they (UFO) refueled at area with high energy whether electricity or place particularly sacred places. Interesting…he wanted to take me one and waiting for it to be appear but I was scared to see it or learn the truth. I never shared that with you.

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