The Why of a Blog

Way out on the ranch - 4wheelin
Way out on the ranch – 4wheelin

I am a think outside  / act outside the box kinda guy! I have spent my life in pursuit of the essay/speech by Emerson “American Scholar”. My life personifies the theme “experience” that is put forth in this work!

I grew up in private schools as a socially inept youngster. While my father wanted me to become a Baptist minister, I knew I was far too cynical. I traipsed off to Bowling Green State University and crashed classes at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and William and Mary! I finally landed in Guatemala and taught school and worked on local plumbing projects to help the poor.
I jumped to South Korea and taught kindergarten through university ESL (English as a Second Language). I used this as a jumping off point to travel Asia and study culture. I was body-bagged in Korea after a semi hit me on my motorcycle. I finally dropped that 40 pounds along with 19 broken bones and came back to the states.
I spent 11 years on the Navajo Reservation (a third world country within a first)  teaching school, writing articles for the Navajo Times, and ranching. I saw more UFO/ un-explainable events on the reservation and finally left to return to Montana and write! I love the Navajo people, my students, my good friends – you know who you are!
Lodge Grass, Montana – Westwood Ranch was established in the early 1900’s on approximately 19 sections. The Little Big Horn river runs through our backyard and 6 acre lake in front yard! Crow Reservation and still living with Native People! 13 - 1
My wife is Navajo and runs barrels at rodeo – her passion. I love photography, reading, bird hunting and making people laugh! My favorite saying is “chance favors the prepared mind”.
The Blog – ? I grew tired of the social networking and clicking on Facebook “like” and comments. I enjoy my friends and I enjoy their comments but wanted something more personal that will enable my close friends to grow.

Looking west
Looking west

While I am disillusioned with  Facebook, I remember my dear friend Mark Garland saying that he looks forward to pictures from Montana and my life. So, Mark this is for you! I know your health is failing at times and so I dedicate this blog to you! Thanks for believing and inspiring!

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